Thursday, March 22, 2012

Welcome to Fiction Candy!

I know books, really well.  REALLY well, in fact. I can't tell you why - that would give too much away! The thing I think you might like about MY reading recommends is - it's nice to know what's actually readable and entertaining, joy inspiring, and just plain sweet and delicious.  Think about it - who wants a reading downer? Not me - which is why, I am now writing, for your reading pleasure  - FICTION CANDY. 
    *The first rule about Fiction Candy is come back often !
    *The second rule about Fiction Candy is sweet and fluffy does not mean lack of substance!
    *The third rule about Fiction Candy is you read to be entertained!
    *The fourth rule about Fiction Candy is guaranteed reading gratification! And dear readers:
        The F in Fiction, in Fiction Candy, will always, always, stand for Fun, Flirty, Flighty, Fluffy, Fabulous, Fancy, Fiery and Frisky!

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